Nutritional Information
Gutted and Scaled Fish
Proteins 21.85%
Fat 13.56%
Carbohydrates 1.32%
Unsaturated Fatty Acids:
Ω3 4.29%
Ω6 1.33%
Ratio: Ω3/ Ω6 = 3.22  

Scientific Name : Sparus aurata

Considered in the USA as Dorade and called Daurade Royale in French.

There are several fish that come under the title of ‘Bream’ but the Mediterranean gilt-head Bream is without question the tastiest. They have a succulent, white flesh that is ideal for grilling, baking and frying either whole or as fillets. Although viewed as an exotic fish in some parts of the world, it is a loved dish that is regularly served in many homes and culinary establishments across the Region.

When blind tasted by some of Europe’s Michelin star chefs, this is what they had to say about our Levantina Fish Sea Bream:

“Pleasing to the palate”

“Elegant; genuine aromas of a quality fish”

“Excellent bite, good fresh taste, natural”

“Refined taste, wellbodied, with a delicious lingering pleasurable after-taste... ”