Levantina Fish are raised with care in their natural habitat in two open sea Fish Farms totalling 43 cages off the coast of Limassol.

There are no meadows of the protected endemic seagrass “Posidonia oceanica” at Kimagro’s Farm which is a main environmental issue with other Farms in the Mediterranean.

Nature’s Location is vital to producing a top quality fish with high nutritional value.

Kimagro’s farms are situated in a unique location with 1.5km distance between the two sites:
Free from pollution and there is no industrial activity in the surrounding area.
Benefiting from prevailing high waves, strong currents and clean waters.
Excellent water quality and oxygenation.
Relative short distance to Kimagro’s Packing Site.


Environmental monitoring takes place six monthly (summer and winter)
The Company employs specialists from across Europe, including France, Spain as well as its own Environmental Impact Specialist to deal with environmental concerns and obligations.

Animal Welfare

The fish is allowed to grow at nature’s pace and not forced to grow faster.
Fed on high quality and sustainable fish feeds by way of the Company’s unique Feeding Platform using electronic systems for more accurate and efficient distribution of feeds per cage daily.
Maintained in low stock density cages and daily monitored by the Diving Team.
Harvesting is by way of thermal shock in ice.