Our Mission Statement

“Consistently produce and distribute sustainably farmed fish that sets the highest standard for freshness, taste and quality. Providing complete customer satisfaction: from the wholesaler, retailer, restaurateur, to the home chef.”

Our Story

Being the youngest of a family of 5 siblings, Tony was brought up and nurtured in a strong and loving family environment in Limassol, Cyprus.

Part of that time was living right next to the Mediterranean Sea. From a very young age, Tony became mesmerised by this deep blue force of nature. He also spent a lot of his childhood however with his grandparents on his mother’s side who lived in the mountains and were Greeks originating from Mikra Asia (Asia Minor) before they settled to the Island of Cyprus.

Picture: The Kimonides brothers & sisters. Tony is the one in between his Grandparents (Demetris & Agatha) at their home in “Pano Amiantos” Village.

His Yiayia Agatha was known by locals and foreigners alike, for her cooking of rich flavoursome Cypriot and other regional dishes such as her personal version of Moussaka and ψάρι πλακί (baked fish). She cooked from scratch, with the best natural ingredients and the meat came from animals raised near the family home.
Her daughter who is Tony’s mother endearingly known by all today simply as “Yiayia” has a cheerful disposition and followed in her mother’s culinary footsteps. Hence her son’s passion for both these settings comes with a deep appreciation for all the goodness that the Island’s land and sea have to offer for many future generations if cared and maintained in the right way:

“The way nature intended”.
“Yiayia and Pappou”: at their Limassol home.

In those days major Companies that came to Cyprus were headed by an international workforce. The Family, even then, found itself surrounded by many friends and good neighbors from across the globe sharing their table.
This is reflected in Tony and his family’s ability to build close co-operation with all types of people. Kimagro is built on this foundation of its people and is therefore not a coincidence that it is “A successful business run by families”.