Our Timeline

In slightly over two decades, Kimagro has grown from the vision of one man to a successful, respected Fish Farm,
sustainably supplying the finest quality Sea Bass and Sea Bream across the globe.

It’s been an eventful process marked with key moments which helped to shape who we are today.

Establishment of the Company in accordance with the Company’s Act, section 113
The first fish farm in Cyprus to test and subsequently start using floating cage structures successfully as part of its fish farming operations.
Cooperation with another two companies in Cyprus to form Cyfish Distributors Ltd. in order to distribute their products locally. This significantly reduced operational and transportation costs.
Company’s Unique Feeding Platform is built and set in place near the floating cages.
Cyfish Distributors Ltd. ceases operation and Kimagro expands its own packaging and distribution network from its own Headquarters (HQ) under EU Approved : CYF03.
Managing Director accepts THE CYPRUS EXPORT AWARD 2004 (Ministry of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) from the then President of the Republic of Cyprus, on behalf of the Company.
Kimagro becomes a Member of Green Dot Cyprus concerning “Package Declaration”
Kimagro’s Packing Site becomes ISO 2200 Certified.
Kimagro’s brand name “LEVANTINA FISH” becomes official to differentiate the highest quality sea bass and sea bream in the region.
3 GOLDEN STARS : Successful results in the initial participation of the iTQi Superior Taste Awards with its LF - Mediterranean Sea Bass.
ANOTHER 3 GOLDEN STARS AND 2 GOLDEN STARS : Continued success from its second year participating in the iTQi Superior Taste Awards with both its LF – Mediterranean Sea Bass and Sea Bream.
Kimagro’s Levantina Fish gets certified with Friend of the Sea for sustainable Aquaculture.
Kimagro’s sea bass receives the Crystal Award after obtaining 3 Golden Stars in 3 consecutive years. The sea bream is awarded 2 Golden Stars by the iTQi.
More awards go to the sea bass and sea bream, 3 Golden Stars for the sea bass and 2 Golden Stars for the Sea Bream.
The Fish Feeder I, a vessel constructed by a relative manufacturing company, started its operations at the farm for the automatic feeding of the fish. It has been specifically designed to feed 6 cages at one time, and has a feeding capacity of 60 tons.
iTQi awards Kimagro’s Levantina Fish sea bass and sea bream with 3 Golden Stars for exceptional taste and quality.
Kimagro is awarded with the CYPRUS EXPORTS AWARD 2016 from the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades.
Levantina Fish continue to uphold their title for quality and taste after the sea bass receives 3 Golden Stars and the sea bream 2 Golden Stars.
Kimagro began its filleting operations in its newly constructed packing station
The Diamond Taste Award is received for the sea bass after obtaining 3 Golden Stars for 7 consecutive years.